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We grow and process citrus fruits such as lemons, clementines, pink grapefruits, but especially oranges of Ribera D.O.P. A unique orange, which belongs to the group of blond umbilicated oranges and enjoys the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.)

Fruit compotes and Spreadable Creams

With our spreads and fruit compotes d’Amuri we give life to a new interpretation of the classic jams and creams. We only use seasonal ingredients and make products with a fruit percentage greater than 75%.

Ready on the table

With Ready in the Table we propose delicious Sicilian recipes with only genuine and carefully selected ingredients, we use top quality products and at km 0. Sicilian caponata and aubergine sauce that enhance the typical Sicilian flavors.

EVO oil and Almonds

Our oil comes from the meeting of three excellent cultivars: biancolilla, nocellara del belice and cerasuola. The milling process takes place exclusively cold, this allows the physical and nutritional characteristics of the oil to be kept unaltered. The Orlando Tuono variety almonds are Organic and have numerous beneficial properties for the health and well-being of the body.

Orlando Women Events

Sicily Region co-marketing project

The second day of the Sicilian Region project took place on 5 August with the artistic direction of Dolce & Gabbana …

The Ribera Orange, a whole new tradition

If Italy is the perfect country for those who love food, Sicily is Italy at the superlative. A festival of scents, colors and flavors …

A.C.Q.U.A project in citrus growing

The event was promoted and organized by the Citrus Production District of Sicily, in collaboration with The Coca Cola Foundation and Dicar Unict …

Why Choose Us?

BIO products

We use the organic farming method, which excludes the use of chemicals. To guarantee 100% fresh and natural products

Short Supply Chain

From producer to consumer. The purchased products are collected only after your order and delivered within 48 hours.

Our certifications

Organic Certification - Orange of Ribera D.O.P. - Riberella - Global GAP - I.G.P

Over 75% fruit

In all our D'Amuri compotes we use only seasonal ingredients and we make products with a percentage of fruit higher than 75%.

Original workmanship

We select only top quality fruit. Peeling is done exclusively by hand so as not to oxidize the product and preserve its organoleptic properties.

Gluten Free

Donne Orlando products carry the wording "gluten-free" or "gluten-free" on the label.

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